.LOGOUT is an annual yearbook that used to be released yearly by the CSSU. It included pictures of events and creative submissions made by computer science students. It was a nice way to preserve the present and now enables us to reflect on the past. For that reason, the CSSU is happy to announce that this year .LOGOUT will be making a digital comeback!

Check back here at the end of the year for its release.

Call for submissions! This is a chance to show off your creativity and be featured on the yearbook! Send us some of your best work by shooting us an email at uoftlogout@gmail.com.

We are looking for:

  • Written pieces (poems, short stories, etc.)
  • Visual art pieces (digital or photos of them)
  • Photos from CSSU events or around Bahen
  • Memes
  • Funny quotes from your profs

Interested in helping out? We are still looking for volunteers to make this happen so send us email to and let us know you’re interested!