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This is a wiki run by the CSSU to provide people with information about both the academic and social aspects of the Department of Computer Science.

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Computing Disciplines Faculty (CDF)


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Computer Science Clubs


Remotely connecting to CDF

Public Key Authentication on CDF

Hosting a website on CDF

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Subject POSts



Scientific Computing
Artificial Intelligence
Computational Linguistics & Natural Language Processing
Computer Vision
Computer Systems
Game Design
Human-Computer Interaction
Theory of Computation
Web and Internet Technologies



CS Courses

100-level Courses (1st Year)

CSC108 CSC148
CSC104 CSC120

200-level Courses (2nd Year)

CSC200 CSC207 CSC209 CSC258
CSC236 CSC240 CSC263 CSC265

300-level Courses (3rd Year)

CSC300 CSC301 CSC302 CSC309
CSC318 CSC320 CSC321 CSC324
CSC336 CSC343 CSC358 CSC369
CSC310 CSC372 CSC373 CSC384
ECE385 CSC347

400-level Courses (4th Year)

CSC401 CSC404 CSC410 CSC411
CSC412 CSC418 CSC420 CSC428
CSC436 CSC438 CSC443 CSC446
CSC448 CSC454 CSC456 CSC458
CSC463 CSC465 CSC469 CSC485
CSC486 CSC488 ECE489
CSC490/491 CSC494/495
BCB410 CSC423

Related Courses

MAT135 MAT136 MAT137
MAT221 MAT223 MAT224 MAT235
STA247 STA248

Council Positions


Work and Research Experience

NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award

Professional Experience Year

Computer Science Project course