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We're here for you.

We represent over 1200 Computer Science students at the University of Toronto St. George campus. You can learn more about we do here.

We're located right beside the south elevators on the second floor of Bahen Centre for Information Technology.

Come by, grab some snacks, and say hello!

Check out our constitution for more information.

Your 2016 - 2017 team

  • Photo of Hanchen Wang

    Hanchen Wang


  • Photo of Emily Choy

    Emily Choy

    Vice President

  • Photo of Adam Gordon

    Adam Gordon


  • Photo of Eugene Cheung

    Eugene Cheung

    Web Design & Development Team Lead

  • Photo of Abrar Hussain

    Abrar Hussain

  • Photo of Allan Chang

    Allan Chang

  • Photo of Helen Su

    Helen Su

  • Photo of Christina Chen

    Christina Chen

    Logistics & Volunteering Team Lead

  • Photo of Michael Liu

    Michael Liu

    Logistics & Volunteering Team Lead

  • Photo of Alaa Ahmed

    Alaa Ahmed

  • Photo of Christopher Zhu

    Christopher Zhu

  • Photo of Daniel Visca

    Daniel Visca

  • Photo of David Wen

    David Wen

  • Photo of Haider Nadeem

    Haider Nadeem

  • Photo of Kyle Kim

    Kyle Kim

  • Photo of Tim Cosby

    Tim Cosby

  • Photo of Theodor Ciausu

    Theodor Ciausu

    Secretary & Admin Team Lead

  • Photo of Christopher Mckerracher

    Christopher Mckerracher

  • Photo of Mark Wang

    Mark Wang

  • Photo of Ryan Apilado

    Ryan Apilado

  • Photo of Sarah Yu

    Sarah Yu

  • Photo of Eric Snyder

    Eric Snyder

    Social Events & Planning Team Lead

  • Photo of Jenna Choi

    Jenna Choi

  • Photo of Rasagya Monga

    Rasagya Monga

  • Photo of Sharon Hogan

    Sharon Hogan

  • Photo of Sina Ghaffari

    Sina Ghaffari

  • Photo of Zhenyao She

    Zhenyao She

  • Photo of Victoria Bukta

    Victoria Bukta

    Public Relations Team Lead

  • Photo of Charles Huang

    Charles Huang

  • Photo of Cindy Wang

    Cindy Wang

  • Photo of Jedid Ahn

    Jedid Ahn

  • Photo of Justin Park

    Justin Park

  • Photo of Allen Hsiao

    Allen Hsiao

  • Photo of George Oushalkas

    George Oushalkas

  • Photo of Jacob Reinertson

    Jacob Reinertson

  • Photo of Jonathan Webb

    Jonathan Webb